25th and 26th September 2014, Sevilla, Spain

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Legal Protection Insurers' Environment

  • Parallels between health insurance & LPI could be followed up!
  • What does Philippe think is the most important driver for LPI?
  • How does LPI and legal aid supplement each other?
  • First on the net is not necessarily the winner. Following and improving on existing player's offerings is generally less risky: expensive

    • Yes, but waiting for the others to go ahead will not bring anybody forward

  • Harmony between insurers and lawyers in Germany is driving up the cost of premiums for consumers. Tipping point! This is not harmony!

    • The 'harmony' exists between lawyers and LPI's because the divorce is too expensive...
    • Sounds like we do more to support customers in family law disputes

21st Century Realities

  • More technological abilities but no idea
  • Virtual truth real sophism
  • Ok we leave data and we'll know personally our customers and then you'll collect the personally data to provide the most common website?
  • Sevilla: Who said technology was faster

New Opportunities

  • LAR Jan: Ready and motivated!
  • Sevilla: Still living in his virtual world
  • SpongeBob: I'm sanguine
  • SpongeBob: Can the panel state what they would do to make LPI sexier?
  • Me: when going into a new country is it best to hire local people or rather work with people who know the product
  • Roger: What can we learn from the new markets to develop LPI in the old markets?
  • SpongeBob: What innovations can they see happening in LPI?
  • Me: bravo barbara! I think your approach on making the people count is just great!
  • Rapport: Do you think social media will replace legal advice lines?
  • Sevilla2014: The advice products of yesterday, are the commodities of the future
  • Rapport: If you could remove one barrier what would it be?
  • Rapport: Is the traditional LPI model the right starting point for new technology. Are we hampered by current models
  • Me: Could it become an issue that technology which you are forced to employ just gets too big to be controlled by you or your company?
  • LAR Jan: How combine the New LPI with old distribution models?
  • Rapport: Is the legal expense insurer hampered by lawyers. Should the insurer have greater control over its supply?
  • Afternoon: What barriers to entry are there for our future competitors, i.e. non-insurer bases advice services/on-line resolution etc.
  • Sevilla2075: There will always be a need for lip, but the manner in wicht iT is to be distributed will change and is changing dramatically
  • SpongeBob: Email is now for old people. We need to use Twitter etc
  • Rapport: If I use the telephone and answer all of my customers queries in one call, am I old fashioned. Would 10 tweets of broken English modern and efficient we should stick to what works
  • Afternoon: LPI on QVC, LOL
  • Bob le retour: Ouvrir une chaîne de téléachat
  • Squidward: Increase customer understanding and create products with more frequent usability
  • Nemo Survived: Being so in touch with our clients that we are there before a claim arises - complete communications integration
  • Table 4: Own all of the supply chain
  • Rob: In a broad system of suppliers we don't know yet.
  • Me: mutual support, pooling the risks, economy of scales and many others
  • SpongeBob: Basically, make it more known in the market and real for young people.
  • Rapport: Nemo is living in a virtual world
  • pongeBob: BTW well done Nemo!
  • Table 10: Awareness of the clients' problems and difficulties + knowing the products better

    • Table 11: OK with table 10. To be able to keep commitment

  • T6: Loss of control of the supply chain and the resultant cost. This costs is passed on to customers and a consequent drop off in volumes, or something about the Internet....
  • Nemo Survived: Indeed that's why Rapport tweeted a reply.
  • Al: Offer the customer what she/he really wants, and not what we think we have to bring to him
  • Table 15: collaboration with google
  • Table 4: Get down from our ivory tower and have the guts to REALLY listen to our customers
  • SpongeBob: Trouble is, more awareness means more claims means higher cost means fewer customers.
  • Rapport: Customers trust insurers more than lawyers and politicians. Lawyers must fight their regulator in conjunction with lpi providers

Questions and Answers

Where do you see the biggest challenges or business problems for legal protection insurers?

Do you think that a marketing communication strategy could help overcome these challenges or solve the problems? If yes, what would be necessary and how would you make it work?

What are the most important issues that legal protection insurers must address when they communicate with customers, lawyers, the broad public and others?

Do you think that clients/ insured persons must be addressed in a specific way taking into account consumer protection and privacy issues?

  • Table 4: Q1: Free choice of lawyer
  • Table 4: Q1: Compulsary LPI
  • Table 4: More and more restrictions to overcome
  • Table 10: Q1 - to be known, to be chosen by the brokers, to speak clearly and simply to clients
  • ILLEGAL: Regulatory requirements
  • ILLEGAL: Google & co know the consumer better then us
  • Table 11: Consumers are not sufficiently informed about lpi
  • Table 4: Q2: Yes. We need clearer and more transparent communications with our customers. Let's have the nerve to be honest
  • Tisch14: Die Identifikation des richtigen Geschäftsmodell in einem gesättigten Markt.
  • ILLEGAL: Our delivery is too slow, we need to speed up
  • ILLEGAL: Increasing costs always a topic
  • Table 11: Conquest strategy or loyalty strategy ?
  • Table2: Q1:Freedom of choice, regulator, changing service models
  • Table 4: Q3: Fast and easy ways to propose solutions, give customers fast and easy access to legal services
  • ILLEGAL: How to sell LPI in the future?
  • Table 12: Q1: Personalize to different age group the communication & the Product a
  • Patrick: We have to comply with solvency 2, lawyers don't have to
  • Table 1: We have to comply with Solvency II lawyers don't
  • Tisch 14: Die notwendige Weiterentwicklung des Geschäftsmodells vor dem Hintergrund eines bestehenden Anwaltsmonopols.
  • Table 4: Q4: Yes. "Dear Madame, Dear Sir"
  • Table 6: Q1 - Regulation and the changing legislative landscape. Understanding customer needs. On-line mediation/moderation - but this should also be seen as an opportunity!
  • Table 11: Find the balance between services and insurance
  • Table 9: Q1: éducation de la clientèle sur le produit PJ, sur la valeur ajoutée pour le client et la notion de service et non seulement d'indemnisation qu'il comporte. Il faut établir la confiance avec le destinataire du message commercial en tenant les promesses effectuées
  • ILLEGAL: Q2: Some of the challenges can be solved via the right marketing / communication strategy. Lobbyism is needed as well. Also, cooperating with the right partners.
  • Table 1: Q4: we should apply a guarantee of understanding, our customers need information which is crystal clear we should not use customer contacts to upswell unnecessary products
  • Table 5: Japan: awareness UK: heavy regulation + speed of change Belgium: price competition with multi branch insurers.
  • ILLEGAL: Focusing on our core business.
  • Table 11: To involve the legal protection insurance sell force knowledge to deliver the right commitment for clients
  • Table 11: Tweet chat phone. Be open
  • Table 1: Q2: promote real life stories, where did LPI help in critical situations, where did LPI create new aspects of legislation
  • Table 11: Experiment new ways and listen to ours clients and ambassadors
  • Table 9: Q2: stratégie marketing: oui. Comment procéder: KISS Keep It Simple & Stupid.
  • ILLEGAL: Q3: integrated cooperation with lawyers and other service providers.
  • Table 1: Q3: explain that we discharge consumers from administrative burden and social stress, promote amicable dispute resolution, deliver excellent value for money, there should be visible savings compared to other solutions
  • Table 10: Q3 - Free choice of lawyers
  • Table 6: Yes, but it should be in line with business strategy and it should be thought out with the targets and possible outcomes, both positive and negative allowed for. The ultimate goal should be increased customer engagement and increased business. There are lots of things I do for love but this is not one of them!
  • Patrick: Awareness of product - brings challenges both ways
  • Table 11: Q2 : To impulse ambassadors speaking
  • Table 10: Identify the needs and expectations of each clients' targets
  • Table 4: Q4: this question must be written by a lawyer. This is not an example of clear communication
  • Table 1: Q1: insofar as our companies are owned/controlled by larger Insurers : priorities of the shareholders/controllers which work against our specialized offers (insurance again insurers, independent specialists)
  • Table 8: Q1: Making the product so simple that we remove the need to educate. The consumer of today and even more in the future has little or less time or compares products. Removing the education element allows us to communicate better and address the client’s needs.
  • ILLEGAL: Q3: we are sexy and the experts!!! )
  • Table 4: Q2: make your customers ambassadors for your policy, get them involved, make them spread the news
  • Patrick: Q1: the biggest challenge : IT and co
  • Table 1: Q1: change in consumer behavior, pay as you go preference
  • Table 12: Yes, marketing will help segregate the needs of the different age group through surveys, pilot group, etc. From those information, products will need to be adapted/personalized to each group.
  • Table 2: Q2:centralized communication and lobbying also to the public and lawyers, more transparency and engagement of government
  • Table 4: Bad experience is amplified tenfold compared to a good experience
  • Table 5: Japan: advertising campaign would be helpful UK: less regulations Belgium: better supervision by national authorities.
  • Table 11: Lobbying can help us
  • Rapport: How do you build a relation with a customer who hopes never to use you? We buy house insurance but we don't want our houses to burn down. We just need to know we are covered. Remind me I have the cover, make sure I know what the cover is, but leave me alone to enjoy more sexier things
  • Tisch 14: Eine neue Marketing-/und Kommunikationsstrategie muß auf die Lebensverhältnissen der einzelnen Zielgruppen stärker ausgerichtet werden.
  • Table 1: Q1, misconception of our specifics by legislation and jurisdiction, e.g. with regard to free choice, as long as fees are not standardized a customer can't expect what he believes is 5 star service (and often isn't) for a price of a youth hostel.
  • Table 6: That LPI insurers are part of the solution (to access to justice) not part of the problem. Working with legal regulators and associations and lobbying the relevant authorities will increase visibility and awareness of alternative ways to access the legal system
  • SpongeBob: Q1. Keeping existing customers engaged and making the product real for new ones
  • Table 6: Q4 - they should be addressed as THEY choose!
  • New lpi: Q1: les défis principaux : évolution de la distribution, acces et information auprès des clients assur?s, se préparer a l'arrivée de nouveaux entrants du type "demandezjustice.com"
  • Table 3: Q1 making the products more relevant, easier to understand and innovative in its delivery.
  • Rapport: Sponge bob are you more scared of sharks or lawyers?
  • Table 1: The main business challenges are moving to the new ways of communication, next to the old ones
  • Table 2: Q3: access to justice, financial and practical assistance moral support
  • Table 3: Q2 - Yes, understanding the customer's needs and translating into meaningful content.
  • Table 11: Q3 : Treat others as they would like to be treated (and not you). Explain simply your offer
  • Table 9: Q3: Nous rendons l'accès à la justice abordable pour tous les citoyens. Nous vous comprenons, nous vous apportons du service avec un bon rapport qualité/prix
  • Table 5: Not just ANOTHER policy but a SOLUTION
  • Table 11: The difficulty with a marketing strategy is that whilst it increases awareness, in all likelihood it may need to an unanticipated increase in claims and associated costs. It needs to be well planned
  • Table 8: Yes we agree with Q4. As there are data protection issues the claims department should advise a client after resolution how they can mitigate future matters.
  • Tisch14: F3: Wir können Chancengleichheit und damit Unterstützung auf dem Weg zur Gerechtigkeit für unseren Kunden herstellen.
  • Table 2: Q4:to stress confidentiality
  • Table 11: Sexy
  • ILLEGAL: Skål
  • LAR Marnik: Inspiring
  • Rapport: Fishy and sexy is too much for me!
  • New lpi: no problema !
  • Al: Sexier
  • SpongeBob: Seriously, how scary new tech and comms are
  • LAR Marnik: inspiring and sexy, but that's 3 words
  • Table 9: Q4: YES
  • SpongeBob: great
  • SpongeBob: Great conference. Lovely venue. Bit far from the sea for me!
  • Rapport: Are the people in this room able to change the way our products are delivered in the future. Is the room tied to targets and unable to be innovative in the way new players can be. Start ups are given 3/5 years to turn a profit, current players don't have this luxury! Are we confused about what our profession is , are we insurers or lawyers. We are insurers and we must stop thinking like lawyers.


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